About Proclaim Lismore

Why do we have Catholic Schools and what does it mean to be a Catholic School now and in the future?

Why do we have Catholic Schools? What does it mean to be a Catholic School now and into the future? Proclaim Lismore is the touchstone for how we answer, discern and evolve our understanding of these questions for our Catholic schools community (parishes, schools and families) across the Diocese.

It is not a program, it is not an event, it is not a mission statement. It is our attempt to wrestle with the mystery of the divine, our relationship with Jesus Christ and bring that into the every day of what we do here in almost 50 schools.

It is a dynamic, ongoing journey that has brought us together as a stronger, more Christ-centred community with our focus firmly on helping our students to achieve the 'fullness of life' while supporting, nourishing and reinvigorating our staff as they walk this path with our students, parents and clergy.

Our journey so far

Over three years from 2013 - 2015, we engaged in a discussion with our staff, parents and students to understand what their dreams and vision for Catholic Education into the future looked like. Resoundingly we heard their messages:

  • Authentic Witness
  • Courageous leadership
  • Stronger Catholic culture

Embracing international research

We brought international thought leaders in cultural change and Catholic culture to Australia to engage in this discussion and we travelled to the United States and Canada to study under the very best in building church, Catholic Education and community engagement and mobilisation.

We took action and started empowering the community to tell their own stories

In 2016 we brought the data, spirit, wisdom, passion and knowledge we had unearthed on the journey so far and started to boil it down into the nuts and bolts of policy, mission, personal development and on the ground programs we knew would be needed in order to make the spark that had been lit in those first years spread into a roaring fire.

We took control of our own story and started to tell it at a systemic level and empowered our community to start telling their own stories - 1000 stories bubbling forth, from the ground up. It is a deep well and we continue to build the platforms and skills necessary to help this narrative continue to flourish.

Where do we go from here

In 2017 our staff are again coming together to pray, learn and most importantly reflect in a number of days of conversation and Celebration of the Eucharist.

With Proclaim Lismore's current form running from 2013-2020, their engagement, prayer and learning is being called upon to help us regroup as we once again push forward in building stronger Catholic cultures in parish schools.